Clarification On My Position of Righteous Action For These End Times

Americans; especially Christian Americans, you are hereby dutifully warned.  Christians around the world who know your lives are already under attack, please pray for those who are still slumbering in wishful thinking that Christians worldwide are not in growing peril and many are dying due to CAUSED illnesses and yet are oblivious as to who is to blame.  I hope this letter serves to rectify that immediately here in America and around the world!

Discouragement Overcome…16From that day on, half of my servants carried on the work while half of them held the spears, the shields, the bows and the breastplates; and the captains were behind the whole house of Judah.17Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon. 18As for the builders, each wore his sword girded at his side as he built, while the trumpeter stood near me.…


I get people who complain to me that I should "shut up"; if I'm not willing to do anything about the things I am exposing. I can only think they have not read all my notes; or watched all my videos or viewed all the information in my websites.


I encounter people constantly who are living in such a strong sense of psychological denial that they won't even look at facts; because worldwide public indoctrination systems have brainwashed them now for several decades, and their brainwashing is consistently reinforced through media.  I explain who is responsible and why it was done to mass millions of people all over the world in these notes: 

The information in the following links contain absolute proof of why there is an increase in sicknesses, wars, and open policies and procedures of death now worldwide (the obvious ones of abortion and the not so obvious ones of genocides in local hospitals as millions of innocent citizens are murdered each year worldwide and even in America and hacked up for their organs)  As a rare survivor of hospital homicides, I consider it my duty to warn the unsuspecting public of the horrors I personally encountered by trying to get the mass murdering doctors and nurses arrested.  The adversity from sex offending cops and federal agents, threats, harassment, messages like this one on my answering service:  In my effort to save your lives and that of your children, I not only contacted all branches of our government from the lowest to the highest levels, I filed a ten trillion dollar class action lawsuit to document the results for public benefit.  Through hellish agony few can imagine over what they did to me to try and murder me, I compiled PROOFS AND EVIDENCES THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDRENS LIVES ARE ALREADY UNDER ATTACK IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS!  YOU CAN EITHER CHOOSE TO REMAIN BLIND TO THESE FACTS AND SUFFER AND DIE IN YOUR IGNORANCE OR YOU CAN READ THIS LIFE SAVING INFORMATION PROVIDED YOU BY WHISTLEBLOWERS WHO ARE PUTTING THEIR OWN LIVES ON THE LINE TO SAVE YOURS!  THESE NOTES EXPOSE WHY THE EVENTS ARE TAKING PLACE NOW AROUND THE WORLD! THEY EXPOSE WHO IS BEHIND THEM! THEY OFFER SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE YOU'RE ALL EITHER TOO SICK, TOO POOR, OR TOO ENSLAVED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM!

because of  and  and   that brings about and for the purpose of and the only remedy is to be taught everywhere; especially to the children; so they mature into such persons of integrity; necessary for a peaceful, strong, stable, prosperous society; as I propose: and until then all who love freedom and especially all who love GOD need to and;  help people not to present themselves as  by teaching the Truth!  and  and   and and  and and and   I have gotten harassment from some who foolishly war against truth on purpose and others who prefer to live in psychological denial of reality (you don't have to remain such, all you need to do is repent and call upon the Living LORD JESUS THE CHRIST, YAHOSHUAH AM MESCHIACH); but devil worshippers are so deceived and self-deluded; they don't seem to realize that the same eugenic fascism destroying mankind with policies of death, holds the same contempt for them. The global elites look at their slave minions who work in buildings like this just as expendable as the rest of humanity and all life on the planet. The evidence is in that the global elites are not just a threat to your lives and that of your children (already under attack) but all life on the planet in their selfish, greedy, arrogant insanity.  The people of the world need to FIGHT BACK while you still can and ignore the foolish dissenters that are either the lackeys of the scum of the world who sit in those buildings and fight against whistleblowers like myself trying to save your lives and arrest them all for their crimes against humanity; or are the successful results of mass brainwashing that has been so successful people won't even take a little of their time to look at the facts even when their own lives and that of their children and loved ones depends on it.  (If interested in more details or similar topics:  and


So let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR.  I am praying intensely for DIVINE AUTHORITY to SPEAK IN POWER (more than I already have by the WILL of GOD) against ALL THE EVIL I behold in the world today to REMOVE IT PERMANENTLY from the hearts, minds and souls of all mankind; never to manifest again.  TO PERMANENTLY confine in the Lake of Fire all wickedness; never to be loose on earth or in the universe again for the rest of all Eternity!


I am demons' worst nightmare! (next to God Himself!) I am here to announce their time on earth is SHORT! their days are numbered! the DAYS OF VENGEANCE AND WRATH ARE AT HAND!!!!!!!!  If you think I am not willing to actively stand against wickedness to the DEATH; think again!


Why do you think I am advocating ARMING EVERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW and giving them absolute permission to use deadly force against any and all raping, robbing, pillaging, plundering demonic scum wherever and whenever they do such vile evil as my notes above expose?  If you think I am asking OTHERS to do what is necessary and have no intention of participating; YOU WOULD BE MISTAKEN!  When people so vile are loose on earth that they gang rape babies to death, gang rape animals, and commit other atrocities that should not be thought of let alone done; that are traumatic to even hear about; my response in seeking to arm all decent citizens against them worldwide IS MY PERSONAL PUBLIC REQUEST TO AUTHORIZE ME AGAINST THEM AS WELL!!!!!!!! (Not to punish decent citizens for doing apparently what corrupt governments are unwilling to do; which is to send this demonic filth to the everlasting flames of damnation they so obviously crave)!  If you want to hide behind a cloak of self-righteous so called piety and pray for their dark, vile, wicked souls do so! BY ALL MEANS, CONTINUE TO PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL IN EARNEST AND PRAY FERVENTLY; but don't stand in the way of the necessary action to arrest these scum and when necessary (when they become THAT wicked); with DEADLY FORCE!  (with one hand they builded (call all to Repentance and to know the One True God by the Grace and Power of our Lord and Savior YAHOSHUAH AM MESCHIACH, aka JESUS the CHRIST) and in the other they carried the sword (defend yourselves against wicked enemies and arrest them whenever and wherever possible)!


At the moment I am not healthy enough to make citizen's arrest of the mass murdering doctors and nurses I encountered here and sex offending cops; but make no mistake, that if no one is willing to help me arrest these scum, it has been one of the reasons I have defied the odds this long trying to regain health enough to do so myself!  If you think I am asking others to risk their life and I am not risking my own, then you have ignored the numerous homicide attempts on my life already!  I am not ambitious for corrupt power to make myself rich in asking for the presidency.  I KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO KICK THE SATANIC NWO OUT OF AMERICA AND EVEN TO STOP THEIR PLANS IN ALL THE WORLD.  And YES, I am aware they are murderers, mass murderers and they hire assassins to murder anyone who has attempted to stop them in the past. I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THESE WICKED PERSONS ARE AND EXACTLY HOW THEY THINK!  I KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE INVOLVES USE OF DEADLY FORCE TO DEPOSE THEM; BUT IF YOU THINK I AM AFRAID TO DO SO; YOU HAVE SORELY MISUNDERSTOOD MY REQUEST TO MAKE ME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!  (So that I can IMPLEMENT and RESTORE the Constitution IN EARNEST and ARREST THE TREASONOUS PERSONS IN ALL BRANCHES OF OUR SO CALLED government!  I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE TO BECOME A DICTATOR, BUT TO DEPOSE THE CORRUPTION, EXPOSE THEIR FORCED DECEPTIVE INDOCTRINATION AND THEIR WILLFUL DESTRUCTION OF OUR ECONOMY AND THEIR OVERT POISONING OF OUR FOOD, AIR AND WATER SUPPLIES!  I have every intention of cleaning up the entire nation (and if I could the whole world)!  Meaning arresting all the criminal cops, federal agents (agents and cops that actually ARE criminals; not that all agents and cops are corrupt; just arresting the ones that actually are), restoring the national currency, rebuilding our economy, restoring homes to the displaced who were wrongly foreclosed on by the wicked banksters (and corrupt politicians who simultaneously destroyed jobs with liveable wages for mass millions; through the corrupt plutarchy now ruining the nation) and all such persons who have America and Americans in a noose by their treasonous and illegal activities!  If you think that my outspoken intent to arrest and depose the satanic nwo filth by force is mere words, then you don't know me at all!


Furthermore, I am telling citizens all over the world, IF YOU LET MUSLIMS INTO YOUR NATION, YOU ARE LETTING PEOPLE WHO HAVE A BOOK THAT TELLS THEM TO CONQUER THE WHOLE WORLD BY DECEIT, BY INFILTRATION AND BY HORRIFIC ACTS OF THE MOST EXTREME VIOLENCE INTO YOUR OWN NATION! (by letting publicly outspoken enemy combatants and subversives into your own nations means you either have leaders that are IGNORANT OR EVIL (intentionally creating civil wars))  because islam condones all the evil I show plainly in my notes above (openly declared jihad - holy war against all non-muslims WORLDWIDE) and as can be read in their wicked literature (not just the evil quran) .  Anyone calling the quran holy (or thinking muslim jihad is peaceful) either hasn't read it all; or is an incarnate devil!  If you think I am advocating a modern crusades, I am not!  But I am for making certain no muslims infiltrate or immigrate to America and Christian nations because their book tells them to do horrific things to all such persons (and because they actually DO those things).  I AM FOR ARRESTING MUSLIM TERRORISTS THROUGHOUT OUR NATION AND A REMOVAL OF QURANS, HADITHS, MOSQUES OR ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH SATANISM, ISLAM, OR ANY WORLDVIEW THAT ASSOCIATES WITH AND DOES THE ATROCITIES I SHOW ABOVE!  The fact that Christians have NOT been arresting these persons is DERELICTION OF DUTY! SHAME ON US ALL! - leaving these wicked persons loose is condoning your OWN MALTREATMENT and DEATHS!  Saying you're a muslim is just another way of saying you're a raping, robbing, murdering, baby-abusing, child marrying, pedophile, lying, genocidal demoniac!  When someone says they're a muslim or a satanist, the sane response of all other citizens is to ARREST THEM at once!  seize their wicked literature that tells them to do these evil things!  (there should be an International ban on the talmud, on the quran, hadith, no publishing or distributing ON PAIN OF DEATH, they are that wicked!) If you think because you have met some uneducated muslims who can't even read their own literature, who are unaware their own books tell them to do such things and YET they still do such things anyway; but you perhaps met some who weren't quite that "radical" or vile, YOU STILL HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF HOW ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CARRY SUCH LITERATURE AND CALL THEMSELVES A MUSLIM WHEN THEIR BOOK AND THOSE WHO FOLLOW IT DO THE THINGS THAT TREAT OTHERS SO EVILLY IT IS TRAUMATIZING JUST TO READ OF OR HEAR ABOUT THEM (AS MY NOTES ABOVE INDICATE AND SHOW PLAINLY).  If muslims can't look at what they are doing and understand how thoroughly evil those things are; then it is up to the rest of humanity to see they have gone insane and can no longer tell that raping babies to death is EVIL, that chopping people's heads off just because they won't bow to their evil god, is EVIL, that raping, robbing, pillaging, pludering, lying, and ALL the things they are doing to innocent millions worldwide is SO VILE AND SO WICKED, the rest of humanity should be responding with DEMANDING the actions I AM!  ARM EVERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WORLDWIDE!  (with the hope that ANYONE so vile as to be caught raping or gang raping or attempting to do so DIES SWIFTLY! especially those gang raping babies, small children to death!)  If you have reached that level of evil that YOU REALLY THINK THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE wants you to do such incredible evil in HIS HOLY NAME, then you are the manifestation of devils prophesied to incarnate in the end times and there is NO PEACE between those who ACTUALLY LOVE THE ONE TRUE GOD and such VILE FILTH!  Understand, I AM NOT DECLARING WAR AGAINST THEM!  THEY AND THEIR BOOK DECLARES WAR AGAINST ALL NATIONS AND ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH who do not bow to their murdering, raping, baby mutilating, evil god!  (the links referenced in this note expose only a tiny portion of the atrocities being committed by muslims right now all over the world! -


There is no doubt that either our political leaders are so corrupt that they are such yellow cowards of political slime that they are afraid of muslims, and thinking muslims will outbreed everyone else (by their raping; forced baby-raping, child polygamist ways -,,  and and murder everyone else; are now kissing up to them like the dhimi slaves they are!  COWARDS!  corrupt through and through OR they are too ignorant to be leading a nation and either way need to be deposed at once!  America as a nation is on the brink of ruin!  It can only be restored by restoring honor and integrity at the highest levels and throughout (and that means people who KNOW and UNDERSTAND all these things discussed in my notes and are WILLING to FIGHT TO THE DEATH against those now destroying our country with evil intent).  


What am I proposing? Is it "radical" sounding to you?  NO! Face the facts people, you will either have Holy Ghost filled persons who KNOW GOD and esteem the Virtues of God and Righteousness throughout your societies or you will have people who lack that knowledge (ignorance- and who as our Creator tells us are ruled by the spirit of anti-christ (  And All I am saying is that this is how things have gotten as bad as they are today with billions being poisoned to death worldwide, ecosystems devastated, oceans so poisoned that marine biologists and scientists won't swim in them, extinction events of mass species dying off, etc. (as my notes show -,  IT IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE IGNORANCE AND DARKNESS IN YOUR SCHOOLS, IN YOUR MEDIA, AND THEREBY THE CHILDREN GROW UP TO BE IGNORANT ADULTS, ARROGANT, WHOTHINK THEY ARE EDUCATED, but are in corruption, vice, sin, and deceptions and delusions brought about by intentional brainwashing.  ALL I AM PROPOSING IS COUNTERING EVERYTHING THE SATANIC NWO HAS DONE!


1) They took over our money supply by the treasonous acts that established the Federal Reserve Corporation of banksters and the oppressive IRS (they stole that right from us, we, the people! as provided us in our Constitution!- and THESE CRIMINALS COMMITTED TREASON, SUBVERTED OUR CONSTITUTION AND THEREBY ORIGINATED OUR PRESENT DAY "NATIONAL DEBT" (ENSLAVED AMERICANS, TOOK OVER OUR NATION WITHOUT AN ACT OF WAR, JUST TREASONOUS CORRUPTION)- "TO COIN MONEY..." IS OUR NATIONAL RIGHT! (WE THE PEOPLE!)


2) They took over public education which became forced indoctrination (brainwashing) -  and so prayer was removed, history rewritten, and in a few short decades we went from being a predominantly Christian society to one filled with every form of vice and deception (pervasive corruption):  and now we have sodomites/pedophiles perving up every child in America!  for their own molesting intents and for abortion profits (blood sacrifice of infants; extremely satanic!) -  and  We went from a nation who knew and revered the Holy Bible to one that actually believes evolution is science; that mankind and all life on the planet and indeed the whole universe spontaneously generated from nothing; for no reason. I address the absolute rubbish people have been brainwashed into believing and making them so (ignorant and deceived)  by ignoring the Truth!  and  All I am saying UNDO what the satanists/devils have done in their overt treasonous, criminal acts and black ops mass brainwashing! TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR SCHOOLS AND OUR MEDIA! These are the main areas they targeted to destroy our nation and enslave us!


3) media - just research these links in this note thoroughly!  


Christians, AMERICANS, our nation was factually infiltrated - I reiterate; because of  and  and   that brings about and for the purpose of and the only remedy is to be taught everywhere; especially to the children; so they mature into such persons of integrity; necessary for a peaceful, strong, stable, prosperous society; as I propose:  and taken over with hostile intent and is why it is failing, crumbling, being plundered to this day by very corrupt wicked so called "rulers of the world".  and   YOU WILL EITHER HAVE GODLY MEN AND WOMEN IN OFFICE (and all walks of life), OR WICKED ONES!  THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND! YOU WILL EITHER HAVE CHILDREN LEARNING TRUTH OR THEY WILL BELIEVE LIES! YOU WILL EITHER BE FREE OR YOU WILL BE SLAVES!  We have to find the Courage, Bravery, Integrity of our Founding Fathers and we have to find it RIGHT NOW!


If you think my only agenda is to arrest and depose the satanic NWO, then you also did not read my proposed solutions to restore a strong economy by eliminating the income tax and using the IRS to monitor instead immediate emergency benefits granted to an oppressed and robbed citizenry! (Restoration of homes, restoration of national currency, elimination of income taxes (which only serves to pay interest to the banksters ruining our nation), and universal wellness (bye-bye obummercare, hello single payment for YOUR CHOICE IT'S COVERED healthcare and wellness!) people say how can all this be paid for? I tell how we can instantly say bye bye to the "national debt" above and grant immediate relief to the deceived public; but you will never experience that unless you authorize someone like myself (put people full of the Holy Ghost who understand all these topics I have laid out in these notes in charge!); who understands what is actually causing the problems our nation is facing and who has no fear of death whatsoever, who cannot be bribed, bought or threatened. Because I personally know I am such a person (again due to what this evil has done to me and all of you); I can only recommend myself for such a task. (and then assemble others like myself who understand they will be facing the worst criminals in the world but are ready to do so for the love of FREEDOM, RIGHTEOUSNESS, GOD, our FAMILIES, our CHRISTIAN HERITAGE, and to keep America from being plundered and  any longer as it is at present by very wicked persons caving into foreign and corrupt global interests. (the U.N. would be under public supervision; so you understand what is going on in the minds of foreign powers openly) If you think I am not aware of CFR, IMF, and all the wealthy elite and their hired mercenary armies, you would be mistaken, I AM FULLY aware of the situation, like few I know are, because I see them through the eyes of GOD, by Divine Revelation all over the world; not just years of intense research!  IF AMERICANS TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR LEADERSHIP, WE CAN PULL IN OUR MILITARY (to work with state militias, citizens who are ready to take back our country from foreign invaders; especially islamic terrorists) TO OUST DOMESTIC ENEMIES WHO HAVE INFILTRATED OUR NATION AND WE CAN THEN FOCUS ON INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGHOUT THE NATION (RESTORE MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA BY ENDING THE STRANGLE HOLD OF THE INCOME TAX ON CORPORATIONS, SMALL BUSINESSES, INDIVIDUALS AND BY TAKING OVER THE MINTS TO REBUILD OUR DEVASTATED CITIES FROM ALL THE JOBS THAT WENT OVERSEAS AND PUT AMERICANS OUT OF WORK AND OUT OF EARNING LIVEABLE WAGES).  Once the domestic terrorists are arrested and deposed, we can look to American jobs nationwide, public education nationwide (many poor districts have crumbling schools underpaid educators, etc.), we can also then REGULATE LAWFUL IMMIGRATION (nationalism! secure our borders! stop training terrorists! Regulate who comes into America (attending our universities or for any reason) MUCH MORE CAREFULLY! Once AMERICANS are employed with living wages again, then and only then, do we look at LAWFUL IMMIGRATION for such jobs that Americans cannot or will not fill; once control of our national sovereignty (restoration of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms) is regained!


So if you still aren't clear on my position in these end times; on all these topics in my notes, then you're in need of improving your reading comprehension.  Some might say my present response seems extreme; and I guarantee that is ONLY because you have not yet PERSONALLY encountered the level of evil I and many other innocent citizens around the world have in these end times!