Proofs 911 was a False Flag Operation Orchestrated and Conducted by US Officials and American Citizens

1.)    The towers were brought down by controlled demolition

a.       Recording of countdown to pull the buildings

b.      Seismic data proves multiple explosions exactly as controlled demolition

c.       Owner Silverstein admitted publicly buildings were pulled

d.      International demolition experts say so

e.      Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel and concrete supports

f.        US military grade thermite residue was found onsite in the wreckage

g.       Multiple explosions in series were heard by persons present prior to collapse

h.      Reputable witnesses testify they saw and heard controlled demolition of towers

i.         Fahrenheit 911 shows security admitting demolition experts into the towers prior to 911

j.        Book “Towers of Deception the Media Cover-Up of 911” by Barrie Zwicker has photos that the basement supports were blown prior to the collapse of the towers

k.       Architects and Engineers for 911 truth by the hundreds have signed petitions to demand an accurate investigation of 911

l.         Demolition explosions were caught on video

m.    NYPD police and firefighters present testify of multiple explosions and more

n.      President Bush’ own relative was in charge of tower security

o.      Anyone can see for themselves it was controlled demolition!

2.)    Documents were found showing the plans to invade Iraq for oil assets prior to 911

a.       Greg Palast exposes Whitehouse documents showing Iraq invasion for oil was planned prior to 911

b.      Iraq war was for oil and had nothing to do with 911

c.       Bush admits publicly Iraqi Invasion had nothing to do with 911 even though prior to going to war he stated it was because they were harboring Al Queda terrorists and for WMDs

d.      Billions awarded to Vice President Cheney related Halliburton and billions disappear in the corruption

3.)    CIA operative trained Al Queda 911 perpetrators

a.       One version

b.      Next

c.       Next

d.      And many more

4.)    US counter-terrorism units planned and practiced 911 scenarios

5.)    Follow the Money Trail!

a.       Dick Cheney Related Halliburton got billions in government contracts (more proof)

b.      Billions allocated to rebuild Iraq “lost” or “missing”

c.       Luxurious and extravagant spending by Halliburton contractors and subcontractors rather than Iraq infrastructure (more)

d.      US George Bush, White House Documents and publicly televised “don’t burn the oil fields”

e.      Operation Iraqi Liberation = OIL and same reason US invaded Afghanistan for the OIL pipeline from Khasikstan to the Gulf region (it’s all about the OIL- making those who are already in OIL like Bush and Cheney and such company wealthier than they already were) It’s so obvious these persons used and wielded our military for their own personal gains that it is a wonder the citizens of the USA have not risen in outrage that our poor sons and daughters that serve with their blood and lives have been led to believe innocent foreigners were responsible for 911

                                                               i.      Of which the USA dropped International banned weapons of mass destruction depleted uranium warheads causing horrible birth defects on innocent Iraq citizens for generations to come ( and our own troops!

                                                             ii.      As wiki leaks has shown our military can become confused and disoriented or otherwise psychologically so damaged that they massacre unarmed civilians in cold blood using state of the art apache helicopter gunships on persons who don’t even have a rifle to defend themselves

                                                            iii.      USA is committing torture and other atrocities against innocent persons in creating public dissemination of misinformation so that the real persons (our own governing officials and pentagon war criminals) are not held responsible for 911 as they should be

                                                           iv.      France and other nations openly protested; so obvious to the International Community that 911 was a false flag operation conducted by treasonous and mass murdering US officials and covered up by our entire House of Representatives and Senate

                                                             v.      We MUST hold the real perpetrators accountable OR we are risking being identified with the likes of all evil empires that have ever existed before us in the entire history of the world and as such having international alliances against us in WWIII – in other words unless responsible US citizens hold our corrupt governing authorities and war criminals nationally and internationally accountable we are risking invasion, ICBMs, more “terrorist” attacks and outright open international warfare against us in which tens of millions or even more could die unnecessarily!

6.)    Let’s face it there are endless pages of overwhelming evidence that US governing officials planned and implemented 911; not just allowed it to occur; so US citizens should be demanding arrests for treason; misprision of treason, mass murder and other high crimes of recent and even some current members of our government before these same criminals and war criminals plunge us into WWIII and/or murder more of us.  There are already citizens doing just that and it’s past time for us all to join in!