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Since I don't know any politician that can't be bribed and doesn't fear death, I announce myself as a candidate for president of the United States of America.  (This is only if I can get the medical treatment I need or God miraculously heals me; otherwise I am too ill) I think that what is most necessary for offices of public trust is a character of integrity. Details of what has happened to me and why I am running for president can be viewed here.  While I do not possess a political background; nor a background of impeccable nature, I have learned my lessons in life the hard way and I have learned compassion thereby. I possess enough knowledge of a wide variety of subjects to recognize what is necessary to head our nation back on a proper course and to ease the burdens that have been placed on the honest and hard-working populace.  It is a must for proper leadership, to recognize the great trust placed in them and to love the people they serve in such a position.  It is a must to recognize that individual security and prosperity comes from having values of an honest work ethic, honor, integrity and the virtues that can only be had by knowing GOD, our Creator.  It is also a must, that we recognize for individual and national security that we must work toward global peace and be a non-aggressor.  If we are to build a global and peaceful community where all have enough food and water for life, we must use our talents and abilities to solve the global crises now; so that our world will continue to sustain the lives of our children and theirs.  We can no longer waste time, energy and resources devising new and improved ways to murder one another.  We need to concentrate on what makes for life and peace right now, before every nation on earth is drawn unwillingly into global annihilation.  You can view a few of my credentials, which indicate I possess a background of broad enough diversity to relate with, understand and coordinate a wide range of professionals and experts necessary to make significant progress in tackling the national and global crises. They also indicate I possess enough intelligence to recognize we must assemble a team of global experts that work with industry and the populace to effect real change for the better IMMEDIATELY!  Their proposals must be evaluated by a leadership that has not a background in political spin and corruption of private money interests but by persons who have enough of a background in all the technical information to understand what is being proposed and it's impact on the national and global community. The suggestions must then be implemented and evaluated consistently over time in a practical way much the same way any new system is implemented with a proper cross-over period.  This can not work by a distant and disconnected governing body, but only by a governing body that is truly publicly accountable and stays connected with the populace throughout their terms of office; not just when campaigning for re-election.  By GOD's Grace, I have the knowledge and you have the health and strength to help me implement it.  Together we can and will get national health and education for all citizens.  Together we can and will clean up the corruption across the nation.  Together we can eliminate the national debt and make certain America never borrows from private entities again.  Together we can rescue the victims losing their homes and lives due to all the greed and corruption and prevent a depression far worse than what happened in the 1930's. Together we can make "made in America" be synonymous with unparalleled quality and integrity again. Together we can eliminate homelessness and treat veterans with compassionate care they need when injured due to service to our country; even if that care is necessary for the rest of their natural lives.  Together we can work toward sane and peaceful relations globally and spend our time, energy and resources on improving quality of life for all rather than misery, death and destruction as we have been in such great and infamous error.  Together we can implement jobs with living wages and prevent the trend toward mass enslavement.  Together we can make certain our food and water is forever a public resource that can not be controlled by power hungry entities that will starve you to death if you don't do what they say.  Together we can restore the "American Dream" for all citizens willing to work an honest day at honest labor.  My dear brothers and sisters of FREEDOM and LIFE, you must put persons in these public positions of trust that have been in the trenches with you, that know what it's like to suffer under the oppression, that truly LOVE and CARE ABOUT YOU and YOURS like their own dear FAMILY.  i do.  YES! TOGETHER WE CAN!!!!!!!!

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